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Building and launch of Tigress of Deben at Aberdour Marine                   Click on images to open

Her interior was to a custom design of my parents, an Architect and Interior designer respectively, making her very personal to our family.

Her British Racing Green hull and tan and lemon sails meant that she stood out where ever she went.

When Tigress was launched, in April 1973 during my Easter holidays, I was there and I went out on her sea trials.  Picture 15 (above) shows one of these trails with some of the men of Aberdour Marine who built her and her sister Victory 40s.

She was sold by my parents in 1985.

From pictures, sent to my parents by her new owners, she now has a different colour scheme. Her hull has been painted white from the water line to the rubbing strip while retaining some British Racing Green above that to the deck. This is because her new owners kept her in the warmer climate of Southern Europe where the dark hull would have been less practical.
Oil painting of Tigress of Deben with Come Away (previous boat) in left distance.

Tigress of Deben painting

The building of 'Tigress' and a sister ship in Aberdour Marine 1973.

Tigress of Deben 005

Sail swatches and hull colour. Plus a light hulled sister ship at sail.

Tigress of Deben 006

Interior swatches for Tigress of Deben.

Tigress of Deben 007

Saloon interior.

Tigress of Deben 008


Tigress of Deben 009

Forward heads and colour picture of after cabin.

Tigress of Deben 010

Foreward cabin.

Tigress of Deben 011

Aft cabin.

Tigress of Deben 012

Aft cabin and aft heads.

Tigress of Deben 013

Tigress under canvas.

Tigress of Deben 014

The sea trials of Tigress of Deben, Firth of Forth. The men of Aberdour Marine (builders) and Thorne Family.

Tigress of Deben 015

First night in Aberdour Harbour.

Tigress of Deben 016

Aberdour and the Firth of Forth.

Tigress of Deben 017

Tigress enters her home waters.

Tigress of Deben 018

Various early shots of life on board Tigress.

Tigress of Deben 019

The first owners of Tigress, John and Ann Thorne.

Tigress of Deben 020

Vist to Poole

Tigress of Deben 021

Tigress of Deben. The Yacht my parents had built. days in Scotland-Introduction.html Castle.html Cartwheel.html House.html Castle.html
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In 1973, after much planning, our family boat Tigress of Deben was launched from the boat yard at Aberdour Marine. Her hull had been moulded by Tylers, in England, before going north to be completed by the Scots craftsmen of this yard on the Firth of Forth.

Tigress of Deben on the launching slip. Click to Enlarge.

Aberdour Marine Yard 1973

Tigress of Deben launch day 17th April 1973.

Launch of Tigress of Deben 1973

Just launched 17th April 1973.

Tigress, just launched.

Tigress in her new colours for warm weather sailing.