The next morning I was shown a fantastic document.
The Hay Family Tree, in the form of a cartwheel spreading out like a web from a single Norman ancestor.

In the centre of the cartwheel is William De Haya, Cupbearer to King Malcolm IV (1154-1165) & King William 'the Lion' of Scots (1165-1214). From him comes hundreds of Hay descendants, some more important than others!

When the English King Henry II defeated King William the Lyon, De Haya's eldest son was one of several hostages held in England with the King of Scots after he was betrayed and captured at the siege of Alnwick castle in 1174. On the King's return to Scotland de Haya's son was granted the lands of Erroll in the north.

De Haya's younger son Robert became the ancestor of the Hays of Yester, Earls of Tweeddale and Lords of Yester.

The elder son's line produced Sir Gilbert de la Hay, 3rd Lord of Erroll. Sir Gilbert was co-regent of Scotland in 1225 and married Lady Idonea Comyn, their son Gilbert fought for King Robert the Bruce and he was rewarded with the lands of Slains, near Aberdeen and hereditary position of Lord High Constable of Scotland. From this line came  Bishop Rattray's mother, Elizabeth.

From the Tweeddale line Edmond 1st Laird of Hopes (around 1630) is shown as a son of the Earl of Tweeddale and from him are descended the Hay's in a line of six generations to Charles Crosland Hay, the father of Edward, my great-grandfather. Edward was the seventh child and does not appear on the cartwheel, but his eldest brother, Charles Selkrig Hay does. I  believe this was probably the date at which this marvellous document was drawn up, in around 1833 .

So Edward's father's line is from the second son of William De Haya but remember that his mother's line, up via the Elphinstones and the Rattrays, are descended from the elder brother (the Earls of Erroll line) thus he had both the De Haya sons blood in his veins.

The Tweeddale line down to Hay of Hopes.

William De Haya
Obt 1170
Cupbearer to King Malcolm IV (1154-1165) &
King William the Lyon (1165-1214)

Robert De Haya

Sir William De Haya
v1238 - 40

Sir John De Haya of Lochorworth

Sir William De Haya of Lochorworth
v1253 - 95

Sir Gilbert  De Haya of Lochorworth
Married Mary, Heiress of Sir Symon Fraser of Oliver Castle
v1296 - 1310

Thomas De Haya of Lochorworth

Sir William Hay of Lochorworth
v1346 - 54

Sir Thomas Hay of Lochorworth

Sir William
Hay of Lochorworth
Married Johanna, daughter of Hugh Gifford of Yester

Sir Thomas Hay of Yester
Obt 1338

John Hay of Yester

John 1st Lord Hay of Yester

John 2nd Lord Hay of Yester

John 3rd Lord Hay of Yester
Obt 1548

John 4th Lord Hay of Yester

Obt 1557

William 5th Lord Hay of Yester
Obt 1576

William 6th Lord Hay of Yester
Obt: 1591. Had 6 daughters and so lordship passes to his brother.

James 7th Lord Hay of Yester
Obt 1609

John, Earl of Tweeddale
b:1595 Obt:1653 Created Earl 1646

The legitimate son John, 2nd Earl b:1626 Obt:1697 inherited and was created 1st Marquis of Tweeddale 1694.

The Hay of Hopes branch seems to start with his half brother, Edmond, below.
Edmond 1st Laird of Hopes
b: before1636 Obt:1674

John Hay 2nd Laird of Hopes
b:1658 Obt:1733

Charles Edmond Hay 3rd Laird of Hopes
b:1704 Obt:1788

John Hay 4th Laird of Hopes
b:1731 Obt:1813

Charles Hay,
(5th son of above)
b:1766 Obt:1826

Charles Crosland Hay
b:1797 Obt:1858

Edward Hay (5th son of above)

b:1845 Obt:1909

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Three days in Scotland, August 2006
The Hay Family Tree in form of a cartwheel.
In the centre, William De Haya, Cupbearer to Malcolm IV and William the Lion.
Edmond 1st Laird of Hopes to Charles Selkrig Hay, brother of Great-grandfather Edward.
From the Earl of Tweeddale to Charles Crosland Hay.
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