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Aberdour Harbour, August 2006.

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In the back of my mind I remembered that the men had had to bring the newly launched 'Tigress' around from another bay, after slipping her into the water. She had arrived from the river and was tied up in the harbour to be handed over to my parents, as my pictures revealed. The man I was speaking to, as I returned in 2006, didn't at first know where my photos had been taken. He said he was English and from Cumbria, only keeping his boat up there in Aberdour harbour.

Studying the photographs for a minute or two, however, made him think that the ones of 'Tigress' on the launch ramp looked like a bay called "Silversands". I asked him where this was and he said it was just over the headland from the harbour and that by following the track, that he pointed out to me, I could be there in minutes.

But before setting off I tried to recreate the photographs of the harbour that I had taken as a lad and then I hiked over the promontory in search of the place where I had seen our family's boat first take to the water. When I got there it was obvious from the start that I had the right place. Where the boat yard's shed had once stood was now a modern office block; but the old launching track into the Forth, down which the boat had slid at her launch, was still there broken and damaged through the passing of time. I had found a piece of my past!                              
  See Tigress of Deben's launch in 1973 .

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Click to Enlarge: Site of former Aberdour Marine.

Site of former Aberdour Marine

Click to Enlarge: The new office from the track.

The new office from the track.

Click to Enlarge:  The offices where Aberdour Marine yard stood in 1973.

The offices where once the Aberdour Marine yard stood

Click to Enlarge:  The decaying slip can still be seen.

The decaying slip can still be seen

Click to Enlarge: Silversands, near Aberdour, Fife.

Silversands, near Aberdour

Click to Enlarge: Firth of Forth from Silversands.

Firth of Forth from Silversands

Click to Enlarge:  Firth of Forth.

Firth of Forth

Click to Enlarge:  Silversands from the rocks.

Silversands from the rocks

Click to Enlarge: Silversands from the rocks.

Silversands from the rocks 2

Three days in Scotland, August 2006
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